Heavy Laden?

Heavy Laden

I have been horribly neglectful here at Building Standing Stones these past months.  All of my focus has been spent on homeschooling, wedding planning, and on getting Groovy Mama’s Couch up and running. 

I just noticed that it’s been exactly one month since I posted anything here, so I want to share my favorite bit of writing this past month that I posted over at The Couch.

This is short, but it was one of those days where you sit down to the keyboard, not knowing what to say because, frankly, you have nothing to give.  I was wiped out and worn down, sort of depressed and feeling empty.  But by the end of typing out this little missive, I felt totally refreshed and refocused.  I spent the remainder of that day feeling beloved by my Father.

I hope you will feel the same reading it.

Grace and peace to you, my friends!

This past week has found me totally wiped out with a summer cold.  It seems that my dignity in such times has lessened with age and I find myself on the verge of whining.  It’s rather patheti…

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Who Knew?


When I became pregnant for the first time, having endured several months of fertility treatments, I was confident that I knew exactly what I was getting into. I’d read books and articles, I’d studied other parents in my sphere, and in my youthful arrogance I was sure I’d be the perfect mama.

Then, after birthing my daughter, reality walked up and b*#ch slapped me, knocking me flat on my smug posterior leaving my ego bruised and bloody.  Dazed, I realized I didn’t know squat.  This motherhood gig was HARD.

Who knew?

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The Waiting Days–revisited

Addiction is a cruel, manipulative master and being a Christian addict adds a whole new dimension of guilt to the mix.  Today I celebrate 8 years smoke free.  In honor of the anniversary of my freedom, I’d like to revisit a post I wrote a few years ago.

While my story won’t provide a magic formula that tells others how to climb out of the muck, I hope it encourages everyone that our God sees us, and will meet us exactly where we need him to.  May we all be reminded today that our gracious Father can bring insight, growth, and beauty out of all things…even our fears and our frailties.

Grace and peace to you.

Anxious Person

“I had a very, very bad dream!” My 6 year old daughter climbed into my lap and looked up at me, tears clinging to her long dark lashes.  “I dreamed you went away and couldn’t come back.”  She sniffled and snuggled in closer.  She was obviously devastated, but then, so was I.  You see, I had just received word from my doctor’s office.  There was a mass in my throat and, with a long history of nicotine addiction, I was scared.  I had quit smoking again two weeks earlier and I couldn’t help but wonder if I had quit just a little too late.

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The Very Best Way To Understand Grace

Closeup on sad teen daughter crying by problems in the shoulder of her mother. Mother embracing and consoling daughter.

My last nerve was exposed and raw, just waiting for a spark that would ignite it like the fuse on a stick of dynamite. When my daughter entered the room in tears, the match was lit.

We’ve been in the middle of rehearsals for a theatrical production and the choreography wasn’t turning out as she’d hoped. The grand visions in her head simply weren’t panning out in the sphere of reality and as a result, she felt stuck and unable to continue.

This sweet, smart, sensitive daughter of mine is my polar opposite in many ways. Most notably, she is emotionally expressive, while I am not. My daughter and I have a major disconnect in this area, and as I said, on this particular day I was already operating with the last nerve ready to be tweaked.

I snapped. Cold and logical words that might be motivational only to a Vulcan flew from my lips. Even as they left my mouth, I knew they would not be helpful and that they would, in fact, be hurtful. I spoke them anyway.

Join me over at Groovy Mama’s Couch for the rest of the story…


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Join Me On The Couch!


Hello, friends!  Today is the launch day for my parenting blog, Groovy Mama’s Couch.  I’m super excited to see what our Lord has in store for us over there!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed over this project these past months.  I have learned a lot, and our gracious Father has completely changed my focus, bringing my vision to a totally different place than it was when I started this journey.  It’s been awesome to experience His gentle guidance in each step of the process.  What a good God we serve, yes?

Come on over, check things out and please share with any mamas or daddies that could use some support and fellowship.  I’ll see you there!

Groovy Mama’s Couch

Everyday Romance


I’ve never been much for the forced romance of anniversaries and holidays.  It’s not that I’m a romance Scrooge or anything, rather, it’s the expectations of grandeur on specific days that I resist.  Call me crazy, but I expect a bit more wooing in the day to day.

We all yearn for someone to find us utterly irresistible, don’t we?  As children, many of us dreamed of finding that one person who would make us feel wanted, accepted, and safe.  We all desire to be swept away by our beloved, yes?

Then we find that one…the soul mate, the knight in shining armor and it’s so intoxicating!  But then what?

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An Apology, An Announcement, and a New Direction

New Direction direction sign with a beautiful day

Off the grid.  Gone dark.  On the down low.  What fun phrases that evoke images of spies and ninjas and all things adventurous, yes?  Some of you may have noted that I have done exactly that.  Gone off the grid, been on the down low, leaving this blog in the dark for the past three weeks.  I can’t say I’ve been doing anything spy-like or ninja worthy, but I’m definitely in the midst of an adventure nonetheless.

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