A God Moment in My Bathroom


I made a horrifying discovery in my bathroom this morning.  It was even more frightening than the House Centipede I happened upon awhile back in this same locale. (Now there’s a critter straight out of a sci-fi nightmare, let me tell you.)  Indeed, I am sure that I shall never be the same after this morning’s revelations.

I was bent over, blow drying my hair, when I made the grave error of looking at myself upside down and slightly sideways in the mirror.  I was startled to see that the skin around my right eye was sliding toward the floor!  I abruptly stood upright again and scrutinized my face.

Now it looked normal.  With mounting dread, I tilted my head to the left.  The skin around my left eye oozed into a pool of wrinkly flesh near my temple.  As gravity worked its dastardly business oblivious to my growing horror, I realized with dismay:  My skin no longer fits. 

I began to look for other signs of this unwelcome phenomenon.  As I inspected the underside of my arms, my derriere, and even my knees, I thought to myself, “When the heck did this happen?!  When did my youthful skin pack its bags for that long journey south?”  I suddenly felt as though I were wearing a woman-suit that was just a bit too large.  Disconcerting, to say the least.

As I continued to style my hair, (Is that a grey one I see?) an odd thought popped into my mind.  I pondered that, just as our physical skin changes, so our spiritual ‘skin’ should change as well.   However, with our spiritual skin the inverse should happen.  We should be outgrowing our spiritual skin. Like some molting creature, continually expanding and changing and becoming new.

I then mulled over my current spiritual state.  I wondered what I would see in a celestial mirror.  Would my skin be stretched tight as my inner self eagerly readies to burst forth with new purpose? Perhaps I would see new skin, the evidence of maturing and change?

Or could it be that would simply see a sad, small woman wearing a spiritual suit that had somehow gotten too large?  All too often I know that that is exactly what I would see.  Too frequently, I allow this world to suck me dry spiritually and when I don’t daily drink of Christ’s living water I become desiccated, shriveled and unfit to wear the name ‘Christian’.   Ouch!  This reality is far more devastating than a few wrinkles.

What sorrows me most about this admission is that it does not have to be that way.  Our loving Creator has provided enough soul food in His Word to keep us growing for a lifetime.  He feeds us the bread of life, quenches us with His living water and clothes us with His righteousness so that we never have to feel unfit to bear His name.  As He brought all of this to my mind this morning I felt an incredible sense of awe.

It is often at such times, in the most mundane of activities that the lover of my soul speaks.  I am so grateful for His spiritual provision.  On my own I fail again and again.  But under the amazing love of Jesus, in spite of myself, I grow.  And as if all of that weren’t enough, He will even give me a new wrinkle-free body someday.  Bonus, don’t you think? How can I not love a God like this?


2 thoughts on “A God Moment in My Bathroom

    • Hi Jessie! Thank you for the encouragement, my friend. Publicly rambling like this feels kinda like mental streaking. Scary, yet strangely freeing. I appreciate your feedback. Blessings to you!


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