Lost in Cyberspace

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It’s easy to get disoriented in the blogosphere. The cacophony of voices clambering to be heard is overwhelming. The multitude of ‘experts’ with conflicting advice leave me, well, conflicted. I look at other blogs and uncertainty creeps in.

That layout looks so much more professional than mine.

She writes about _____, maybe I should write about that too.

Wow, look how many followers he has!

After a while, it can get paralyzing and depressing.

I’ll never be as good as so and so.

I guess I just don’t want to be a writer badly enough. I can’t get motivated to write every day.

I’m too long-winded.

Why am I doing this? Nobody will read it anyway.

I have wondered if perhaps I am simply not cut out to be a writer.

I have wrestled with these thoughts and have come to some conclusions.

1.) I do not have to be like anyone else. If I try to pattern myself after another, my own gifts and talent will become fractured and unfocused. I will become a pale imitation of someone else’s brilliance. My Lord wants me to become the best me.

2.) I am not to look to others for my direction or worth. His plan and purpose for my writing will unfold in His good time.

3.) I would rather have five readers that I can connect with and pour encouragement into than a thousand nameless hits on my blog stats. It is the community, the lifting up of others that has made me fall in love with this medium.

For those of you who have been hanging out with me for a time, you’ll notice a few changes. I am beginning to understand my purpose in writing and will share that after the Lord and I hammer out a few details. I will be changing the name of my cyber home here, to go along with the clarity in purpose. Changing the appearance just felt like the thing to do first.

To my new blogging friends, and my real-life friends who drop by and offer wisdom and encouragement: Thank you! Your comments and support are humbling and emboldening all at once. The sense of connection I’ve experienced in this blogging world was unexpected and I find it altogether lovely. I do hope you’ll stick around for the changes. Grace and peace to you.

4 thoughts on “Lost in Cyberspace

  1. Yes to all of these! Particularly #3- I have been focusing on that one. Took me a while to realize that my tribe may not be a large tribe but it’s a tribe God entrusted me with. Blessings!


    • It’s too easy to lose that focus, yes? In ‘building’ my tribe, I have to remember that ultimately it is the Lord who will bring those who belong. Thanks for stopping in, Cheri. Glad someone could relate!


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