Why I Love it When God Smacks Me Upside the Head

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I woke up this morning with a problem looming over my head. It was not a huge quandary, nor a terribly urgent one. However, it was a bit of unpleasantness that I intended to see resolved. Today. As I showered, I mentally prepared myself for the possible confrontation to come. By the time I’d begun applying my makeup, I was geared up and loaded for bear.

It was in this frame of mind that an unsuspecting friend of mine found me. She had called with a question and instead of getting a simple answer to her query she was verbally accosted by me. I proceeded to share my dilemma and rant about ‘the establishment’, continuing to get increasingly riled.

I hung up the phone feeling slightly guilty. I knew that this had not constituted ‘sharing one another’s burdens’ as our Lord instructs us. No, I had been guilty of verbal vomit—a subject I posted about not long ago. (You can find that post here.)

I picked up the phone again, ready to deal with my conundrum. I was ready to fight, though I didn’t actually expect to get to talk to a real person. All of my previous calls had gone to voice mail and had been seemingly ignored. Surprised, I found myself speaking to a real human being. And within a matter of moments my problem was resolved. That simply.

I felt a little sheepish, and even considered calling my friend to apologize. But I shook it off and decided to just get on with my day. As I sat down to catch up on the latest posts from the blogs I follow I was shocked to see my name in one of the posts.

I had commented yesterday on a post from Today’s Woman in a Proverbs 31 Sort of Way! (You can find her at: http://31todayswoman.wordpress.com) She had written a lovely piece about finding our motivation by seeking joy in our daily lives. Her post ended with the question, “How do you find joy in the Lord in your life?” I had responded thus:

“Beautifully said! How do I find the joy of the Lord? I think you nailed it in one word: seeking. If I actively look for the joy in my life, it is there. It is no less available if I do not seek it, I simply miss out on enjoying it. (Does that make any sense at all?) Nice reminder to seek His joy today. Thanks!”

When I opened her post for today, I was floored to see those very words again. She had liked my comment, put a link to my blog and proceeded to take this joy thing even further. She said:

Once you establish the joy in your life today, go find someone who could use a good dose of joy. Share the celebration. Don’t let others drag you down; lift them up! Each time we open our mouths to speak, we can either lift someone up or tear them down. Use your voice today to share joy!”

I thought of my words to my friend a short time before and I felt the Lord whack me upside the head. How quickly I forget my own convictions when troubles arise. How eager I am to forgo the joy that is available to me at all times.

And I thought of how swiftly I’m willing to drag someone else down

into the mire of worry and stress with me.


I leaped up from my desk and grabbed the phone once more. Laughing, I called my friend and shared what had happened. I asked her forgiveness and we enjoyed several minutes of sweet fellowship.

So, why do I love it when my Lord gives me a celestial spanking? Because at that moment, when I saw my own words mocking me from the computer screen, I felt loved. The God of the universe cared enough about me, Rebeca Jones, to call me to the carpet when I had blown it. This is no uncaring, emotionally distant deity. This is my Abba Father gently guiding back to a better path.

And that, my friends, fills me with a joy unlike any other. That is motivation to celebrate, yes?

13 thoughts on “Why I Love it When God Smacks Me Upside the Head

  1. You have such a wonderful way with words. I loved the serious content but also the humor. “Celestial spanking” I will have to tuck that away, brought such a giggle out of me. I loved the comment you left on the Proverbs 31 blog. You said it perfectly. Great job! ~Blessings~


    • Thank you, Rebecca, for such kind words! Glad to get a giggle out of you–I was giggling myself all afternoon, just tickled that the Lord caught me so red-handed. Funny that conviction is so exciting for me–perhaps I’ve finally lost it! 😉 Blessings to you.


    • Thank you, Lori. I always look forward to ‘seeing’ you here! Yes, we do all blow it–I sometimes wonder if I’m off my rocker though in how I respond to the Lord’s rebuke. I was positively ebullient yesterday! 🙂 Blessings to you!


    • Thank you, Anne! Your kind comments mean a lot–I have admired your work since I went through Tribe Writers this past year. I read your book Real Love (twice!) and loved it. I find your encouraging way to be very refreshing, and you seem to be so centered in Christ. When I grow up as a writer, I want to be an encourager like you! 🙂


      • I appreciated your comments. And reading that you read Real Love twice really encouraged my heart. I felt like the circumstances in my life really moved in and stopped the momentum with that book. Right when I launched it my youngest brother Steve had a massive heart attack and died. It really affected me. That was just this past February. I recently finished a second book which will launch in the near future. It’s called, broken, Yet: growing through the pain of Abuse.

        Thank you for your kind words, Rebeca. I so appreciate them.


      • Hi Anne. Sorry for the delayed response here! Wow, what a horrible thing to have happen–I’m so sorry for your loss. I know that the Lord will use your words for just the right people at just the right time. Perhaps your new book will stir some new interest in Real Love. I’m excited to hear that you have a new one finished. Let me know when it launches. Many blessings to you today, Anne!


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