What We Don’t Want to Talk About


This past week I stumbled upon a wonderful blog called Me Too Moments For Moms.  It just so happened that the post I read was calling for writers to share their stories of depression and faith.  Being acquainted with this topic on a personal level, I contacted Lisa there and asked to submit a piece.

This is a topic we don’t want to talk about as Christian women.  It feels unspiritual to admit we suffer from depression.  Like we have somehow failed in our walk with Jesus.  Surely if we read our Bibles more…or prayed harder…

Sound familiar?

If it does, know that you are not alone.  And know that your depression does not define you.  Only Jesus can do that, and He thinks you’re pretty awesome.

Without further ado, I’d like to share the link to the first posting in this series written by Grace.


4 thoughts on “What We Don’t Want to Talk About

  1. Rebeca I really appreciate your words here about depression. God does think we are awesome. Depression sometimes makes me feel so yuck about myself. When I listen to myself I get stuck in a pit of darkness. It is so important to listen to what God says about us!!! I am very excited about this series. We have some amazing writers who share God’s love and their stories have been a personal blessing to me. Dear readers from Rebeca’s blog here. I welcome you and thank you in advance for joining us. May God Bless You and May You Be Encouraged. Lisa Brown


  2. My heart aches for those who suffer from depression. I’ve only been through one six-week bout, but remember well the debilitation, the inability to pick myself up and choose a different attitude. It’s just not that easy–even for Christians! I pray that God’s gracious love, strength, and wisdom will flow through the words of these posts, to lift up those who must deal with depression on a regular basis.


    • Thank you, Nancy. Depression is such a difficult and sometimes shameful issue. Understanding and prayers are always appreciated and needed. I pray that this series reaches a lot of women who need it!


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