Killing My Critic: A Guest Post

Today I am guest posting over at Me Too Moments For Moms.


When I saw these ladies were doing a series on depression, I immediately thought of this post.  It is one of the earliest missives on this blog, but I dusted it off and asked Lisa if she could use it.  As I polished it up, I was reminded anew that depression need not steal my joy.  It is a message I need to revisit from time to time, and I hope it blesses some of you.

You are not alone!


Grace and peace to you–



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6 thoughts on “Killing My Critic: A Guest Post

  1. Great post Rebeca. While I don’t suffer from the same sort of depression I often berate myself and question how God can love me.. The father of lies is right alongside me, saying, “Good question! You really stink!” You have reminded us that Jesus tells him to get lost. ‘This one is mine.’ 🙂


  2. Did you know I can’t reply to a reply at my site? So I’ll just chat you up here. Thanks again for the encouragement. And your gracious posts here. I know social media can spawn evils but it can also bless. I’m so blessed to get to know people like you!


    • You are so right that social media can bring blessings. I consider you one of them! It’s funny, I don’t think we always know how our words affect others. Just know that your humor and wisdom have touched me greatly. I look forward to a good long chat for real in our next reality, friend. Have a super weekend, Anita! 🙂


  3. Your effort to see blessings in the abyss must warm Jesus’ heart. It certainly encouraged mine–BIG time! Struggles develop strength, they say. You, my dear, are developing some powerful spiritual muscles! God will use that strength–you’ll see!


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