What I Look Forward to the Most on Mother’s Day


The silence of the predawn hour was pure bliss. Sipping my coffee, I wondered what my Mother’s Day would bring. As I thought of what I would enjoy most, several images flashed through my mind.

*Swollen, chubby newborn faces. The magic of seeing for the first time a person who, until that moment, I’d only felt.

*Sweet babbling and awkward sign language telling mommy, “More grapes, please.” A hybrid language as clear to me as my native tongue.

*First words spoken at unexpected times bringing shouts of excitement from mommy and daddy, and a bewildered pride to the face of our child.

*Bruises and scrapes; fevers and stuffy noses. Feeling like a superhero as I administer the only touch that could make it better.

*Philosophical talks and civil disagreements from budding adults. Confident that they’ll do just fine even if they think a little differently than me.

These are just a few of the memories that bubbled to the surface this morning. As mommies, we each have our own slide show of sweet recollections. Favorite moments in motherhood.


Becoming a mommy is a strange sort of bipolar state of being that changes everything.

I have had moments of exhaustion that brought me to the brink of hallucinating, yet when one of my children needs me, energy reserves are suddenly found that were utterly depleted mere seconds before.

I have never doubted myself more than in my parenting, yet nothing makes me feel more like Wonder Woman than my children, who somehow think I hang the stars and the moon.

Paralyzing fear and lioness-like bravery. Crushing disillusionment and heart-popping pride. Contented delight and black despair. The polar sides of motherhood somehow mesh together in perfect balance.

Watching the sky lighten and contemplating my day, I realized that the thing I most looked forward to today was just enjoying the privilege of being Mom to these four kids. It wouldn’t really matter if I got a gift, a nap, or kudos. I simply felt humbled at the privilege of living life with these amazing people.

Happy Mother’s Day!roses-366846_1280

4 thoughts on “What I Look Forward to the Most on Mother’s Day

  1. Thank you, Rebeca, for this brilliantly-written post! You captured beautifully the mother/child moments we all share, the doubts we harbor, the polar-opposite emotions we experience. And AMEN to your closing thought. I, too, am humbled by the privilege of doing life with MY particular brood. Thank you for your thoughtful, heartfelt expression of the Mother Experience!


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