Who Comes First?


When my new friend, Lisa Brown, asked me to join her community of writers as a mentor mom, I couldn’t help but giggle a bit since I find that being a grown up is highly overrated.  With Thorin’s key around my neck, my superhero belt on, surrounded by my favorite toys, I hardly feel qualified to be a mentor to anyone.  But despite my seeming immaturity, I have lived quite a few years on the planet and have the privilege to be called Mom by four incredible people.  More pertinent though, I’ve been increasingly feeling a stirring in my heart to encourage other mamas and to share the insights and observations I have gathered along my motherhood journey.

So last week, hard at work crafting my first monthly missive to you, I was feeling fairly satisfied with the way the piece turned out.  Setting it aside, I went to sleep, confident it would be polished and ready for consumption well before my deadline.  When I woke the next morning, in rereading the work I’d done, something didn’t feel right.  Normally that means the Holy Spirit is saying, “Scrap that for now, I have something different you need to write.”  So, after praying for a few days on this, I feel I’m supposed to share what I find is the most important foundation for parenting, besides of course, a solid, vibrant walk with our Creator.

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