5 Tips for Parenting as a Team


Last month I wrote about the foundation for parenting well.   The post was titled, Who Comes First?, and if you missed it, please go back a check it out as it sets the groundwork for what we are discussing today.   Today’s topic, parenting as a team, will be impossible if you haven’t first established that you and your husband are a team.   Go ahead, I’ll grab a cup of coffee and I’ll wait for you…

Great!   So to recap the main points: You and your husband became a family the moment you said ‘I do’, and your marriage relationship needs to take priority over all other earthly relationships.   This is the genesis of Team Us, and from that shared vantage point you and your husband can enjoy your children and raise them up together.

Join me over at Me Too Moments For Moms to continue reading the original post…

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