Question? or Statement!

I envy those of you who can write thought-provoking truth with few words. That is exactly what my friend, Giovanna Hite has accomplished with her first post on her brand-new blog, Living in Grace, Walking by Faith. Please join me in welcoming her to the world of the blogosphere. I’m super excited to see how the Lord will use her words!

Living In Grace


The order of two little words turns a statement into a question and a question into a statement.

Am I?
I am!

Am I following Christ?
I am following Christ!

Am I yours?
I am yours!

Am I forgiven?
I am forgiven!

I think I might have been reading it as a question all these years. If you read the bible in light of this as a statement instead of a question you will be amazed at the decisiveness it brings.  

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