A No Regrets Christmas


At my daughter’s urging last night, we brought the box up from the basement.  I hadn’t seen my wedding dress in over 21 years, so it was with an interesting mix of reluctance and anticipation that I tore off the sealing tape.  The dress had been treated and painstakingly packaged to keep out the light and air that would damage the fabric with the passage of time.  I had never opened it, knowing that one day it would be time, that this cherished token of the happiest day of my life, would be put to use again.

Breathing a barely perceptible sigh of relief, I saw the fabric was still as snowy white as it had been on that long ago day.  Only the sequins were yellowed with age.  They shimmered, golden in the festive Christmas lights.  When moments later, my daughter entered, wearing the dress, her feet fairly floating across the room, I smiled.  Seeing her there, swirling around, admiring the train, the lace, the bead work, I was acutely aware that this will be our last Christmas with this exquisite young woman.  Her beau proposed on Thanksgiving day.  Come this time next year, her primary role will be wife, rather than daughter.


Join us over at Me Too Moments For Moms for the rest of the story…


2 thoughts on “A No Regrets Christmas

    • Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to read and let me know you enjoyed it. Many, many blessings this season to you and your family. (Got a wonderful hug from your N today. Was so good to see him and hear the band play!) Love you, friend! 😀


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