My New Year’s Prayer For You


Happy New Year!

First I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who take the time out of your day to read my words.  I have experienced swings of renewed purpose and doubting my calling, of spiritual highs and soul-deep dryness, of joyful growth and painful pruning; your likes, comments, and follows have encouraged me to continue writing through all of life’s seasons.  Indeed, my friends, our Father has used you mightily to grow me up in my purpose here.  I appreciate every one of you, and hope my words have given you encouragement, hope, and even a chuckle or two throughout the year.

(((Hugs to you!)))

As we begin this bright and shiny new year, my prayer for all of us is this: that we may truly comprehend the depth of our Father’s love for us.

May we become rooted in the knowledge of our position as beloved children of El Elyon, God Most High.  We are royalty, my friends, secure in our status and infinitely treasured!  Isn’t that a lovely thought?

May we allow that to become more than mere thought, but to soak down deep and become our reality.  Then we can, through the grace of our Lord, be unshakable and filled with joy, regardless of what may come our way.

May we be the light of this world, our Father’s love pouring out of us in rivers, drenching those He brings our way.  Let us live out our eternal reality each and every day this coming year!

Grace and peace to you,

❤ Rebeca


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4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Prayer For You

  1. A beautiful, inspiring prayer, Rebeca, rich with meaning: 1) We are royalty–secure and treasured. 2) Because of God’s grace, we can be unshakable in faith and filled with joy–always. 3) Because of his ever-flowing love in our hearts, we can drench others with his love. (‘Love that verb, drench!!) Thank you for a sweet dose of positivity, Rebeca!


    • Ironically, I read your sweet comment yesterday when my outlook was anything but positive. God knew I needed the reminder of what I had written only a few days prior! Thank you, friend! 😀


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