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I’m a serious procrastinator. Better to just come out and own it rather than make lame excuses, don’t you think? Many moons ago I promised my online friends some pictures of the blessed event of my daughter’s wedding. Today marks six months of wedded bliss for her and my new son, so I find it a fitting time to finally share some of the fun of that magical day.

First, a little background. My daughter and son-in-law met at our homeschool co-op when they were 16 and 17, respectively. He had just moved to the Oregon coast, coming all the way from Mississippi, so he automatically was a bit of a novelty in our little group. He quickly became involved in the youth theater troupe we belong to and it was there, on the stage, that the first sparks ignited.

The kids wanted the wedding to be traditional, marking the sacredness of their vows, yet they also wanted to somehow incorporate their love of theater and sci-fi, to somehow infuse the day with their own unique sense of fun.

Here’s a few of their geeky touches…

The ceremony itself was what you would expect, but the ring bearer had a lot of fun ‘flying’ the rings down on a plush Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

Pretty stinkin’ adorable, isn’t he?

We found some super fun instrumental music from some of their favorite movies and T.V. show genres like The Hobbit, Princess Bride, Dr. Who, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  This played softly in the background while the guests were being seated.  Only fellow sci-fi nerds really caught this subtle nod to geekdom.

As Mr. and Mrs. they walked out to the lively strains of “The Throne Room” from the original Star Wars movie (Episode 4 for those who care.)  It was a nod to the bride’s Father, a huge fan since childhood.

The reception was fun to plan.  We had an afternoon wedding, so instead of food, we opted for a candy buffet.

An artist friend of mine took some of the couple’s favorite quotes and made canvases.  If you look closely, there are very subtle pictures that correspond with the movie or t.v. show the quote is from.  They blend in to the background so well, you might miss them if you don’t have your geek on!

And then there were the cupcakes…





500 beautiful bits of springy, frosted deliciousness!  We made chocolate molds representing some of our favorite geeky shows and adorned some of the cupcakes with them.  I took far too many of these babies home….and ate them all.  Now I waddle and wear nothing but muumuus.  Worth every delectable bite!



My son is well known in these parts for being an uncontrollable ‘photo bomber’…




No one told him to never, ever photo bomb the sacred cutting of the cake ceremony.  Lesson learned!



On the cake table, we displayed the hats that the happy couple had worn on stage several years ago.  She played Sherlock to his Watson.  This was the play that started it all…






The bride and groom delighted their guests with a skit telling of their love story, using their talent and humor to entertain, yet wrapping it around to give glory to their God.  It’s a tad bit long (11 minutes), but it’s really fun and worth the watch.  I still have people stopping me today, six months later, to tell me how fun this was!

And, per the bride’s request, we saw them off with a water gun salute.

All in all, the day was perfect.  The love of our family and friends was a bit overwhelming.  As one friend told me, “Marrying off your daughter is like having an out of body experience.”  So true.  The day was so full, so lovely, so everything we wanted it to be for them, yet strangely surreal as well.

So, my friends, I’ll leave it with one more picture, just because my mama-heart wants to see it here.

My babies.  Four of my blood, and one more of my heart.  Life with these people is just so much fun!!

Thanks for letting me share!


7 thoughts on “Geek Love

  1. I can SEE that life with your people must be a whole lot of fun! What creative ideas you incorporated into the wedding and reception. I’ll come back for the video when I have more time. Looking forward to watching your kids in action!


    • I’m sort of glad I’m such a procrastinator. Going back through the pictures and reliving, for just a few moments as I typed, was so much fun! I hope you enjoy their story when you have time to watch. Thanks for stopping in, Nancy! ❤


      • Just watched the video. What clever, ADORABLE kids you have, Rebeca. And so relaxed on center stage! Claudia had me laughing out loud by the time she donned the mustache–and I’m sitting here alone! Also ‘loved the way they wove into the script the spiritual dimension of their courtship. I’m glad I came back to watch–it was delightful from beginning to end!


      • Thanks, Nancy! I’m always so proud of how comfortable my kids are in a crowd. I was such a socially anxious misfit at that age, it warms my mama heart to see them accomplish so much more than I. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, my friend. Blessings to you this week! ❤


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