‘For Special’

The cat let out a muffled yowl as I smashed his head between the toilet seat and my derriere. Surprised, I leaped forward and spun around awkwardly, trying desperately to not trip over my panties which were now twisted around my ankles. I successfully shooed him away and resumed my business. Coffee in, coffee out. Can anyone tell me how one cup of coffee can produce two liters of urine?

Anyway, as I washed my hands I thought of how soft my cat’s fur had been on my bum. It was actually quite pleasant, truth be told, and it made me think of the ‘for special’ satin panties I keep folded neatly in the bottom of my underwear drawer. I only use them for special occasions so I don’t wear them out. Trouble is, there’s rarely any planned ‘special occasions’ in the life of a busy, middle-aged, homeschool mom, so those panties don’t get much use.

But on this day the unexpected visitor on my toilet seat made me determined to enjoy the satiny softness I had for too long left forgotten in my drawer. As I put my makeup on that morning, I reveled in the cool, plush fabric that covered my tush. In fact, the day actually began to feel special though there was nothing on the calendar but school and chores.


It made me think of the ‘for special’ perfume I have in the bathroom cupboard, the scent I discovered on our honeymoon in Kauai, the one fragrance that tells my husband exactly what I’m thinking about with one whiff. I save it for special occasions so I don’t run out. As I thought of it, it’s rather silly. I have already run out of it before and my husband simply ordered me some more.

Why be miserly, I thought, and I liberally dabbed my wrists and behind my ears. The day was feeling more ‘for special’ by the moment and my step felt lighter as I went up to teach my kiddos, pretty panties swishing as I walked up the stairs, the floral scent of a tropical paradise wafting softly behind me.

What makes a day ‘for special’? I suppose that would be different for each one of us, yes? As I think on it, it seems that most days have something special if I will only look for it.  In fact, just today I was blessed with a rare sight out my window. Three magnificent bald eagles swooping and diving in the air above the bay flew straight toward me as they passed over my house. What a sight!

And how about that day last week when my daughter finished her math curriculum after working her tail off to get it completed before Thanksgiving? That was a praiseworthy day, indeed!

Or the time we found a lovely rough-skinned newt out on our walkway? School halted and our learning took an unusual turn as we marveled at our unexpected guest.  (You can read about that here.)

Even the annoyance of an allergy attack that knocked me flat for a day leaving me unable to do anything but read by the fire on a cold, rainy Sunday brought a much needed bit of rest that I would not have found otherwise.

Yeah, I’m beginning to think that any day, maybe every day is ‘for special’.  Blessings can be found in each one my Father has made if I will just stop long enough to see.

So I guess I’ll wear out those satin panties and use up that bottle of perfume. Maybe I’ll even crack open that special Merlot and the fancy chocolates I’ve been saving. Why not? Today is a ‘for special’ day, indeed.

Have an amazing day, my friends!

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalms 118:24, HCSB)


Photo by kozorog at bigstockphoto.

4 thoughts on “‘For Special’

  1. Instead of “seize the day,” your post makes me want to seize the blessings! I don’t have any satiny panties, but I can splash a bit of perfume on my ordinary days. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for other special treats. In March I started a Celebration Journal of Small Things. Such fun! Each day I record at least one moment that brought me joy. It’s kept me more aware of God’s blessings that do indeed make every day special. A delightful post, Rebeca!

    Liked by 1 person

    • A celebration of small things…I love that! That is definitely something I should be doing. One moment a day is so doable and the accumulation would be an awesome testimony. Thanks for that idea, Nancy! 😀


  2. This had me laughing! I could picture it all (although I tried not to picture in great detail) 🙂
    I’ve saved the scented spray for our sheets so long that all the scent evaporated. You inspire me to celebrate the gift of life with special little touches. (You wear makeup every day? Really? I gotta try that!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m totally enslaved to my makeup routine, so yes, I do ‘put my face on’ almost every day. It’s my bit of artistry, I think, to spruce up the ol’ canvas and I actually find it relaxing. 😎


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