An Addled Reminder

Feeling like a used piñata this morning, I rolled out of bed and shuffled upstairs to the coffee maker. My joints were protesting as I settled in to my favorite rocker and I tried not to let it get to me. Aches and pains are par for the course with fibro, and I’m acutely aware that even on my ‘bad’ days I don’t have it as hard as some I know. But the past week has been fairly rough, physically speaking, and I’m a tad bit overwhelmed with my to-do list as well. It was in this somewhat pitiful state that I lifted my hands and prayed a simple prayer. “Father, if You do see me, could you somehow let me know today?”

My morning devotionals were peaceful and my body was loosening up when I heard a thunk at the side deck window. My head whipped up and what instantly blazed through my mind was this:

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” Matthew 10:29, NIV

Well, it was more of a paraphrase of the verse that flashed in my head but it was clear and strong and it compelled me to step out on the deck. There, I found a sweet little bird, rumpled and clinging to the window screen.

I gently plucked him from the mesh and he settled into my palm. He was obviously addled, but his eyes were bright and interested in me, so I was confident he would be fine. We hung out for a time as he rested and I marveled at this simple gift from my Father.

He sees the sparrow. (I’m not sure what this little fellow actually is, but God sees him, sparrow or not.) He sees me. And just as my fluffy friend recovered and flew away, I too will be just fine in my Father’s care. What a gift, this reminder!

How peaceful it is to know we’re seen, that we’re cared for, yes? May you go about your week with the reminder of this, my friends. The Creator of the stars, the One who gives you your very breath, He sees you and cares for you!

Grace and peace,


10 thoughts on “An Addled Reminder

  1. Thank You! God bless you for the words that you write. I needed this reminder too!
    Life is overwhelming but remembering God sees me broke some hard scared worried thing in my heart and as I cried I felt some peace.

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    • I’m praying for you this morning, June…that our Father will continually remind you of his care and gift you with His peace that passes all human understanding. Many blessings to you today! ❤


  2. This is beautiful. It is important to be in awe of God’s majesty and power. But my soul needs to know He cares for me in such a personal and tender way. And don’t you love that He loves His littlest creations? Blessings to you, my friend, and I hope you feel some relief from the aches and pain.

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  3. Oh, Rebeca, what a precious gift from your Heavenly Father, and such a heart-touching story. Wild birds do NOT ordinarily sit like that in the palm of a hand–even after colliding with a window screen! I’m not familiar with the bird species you have in your area, but that little guy/gal with olive and pale yellow coloring may be a kinglet or warbler.

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    • Thank you for the clue, Nancy! I haven’t been able to positively identify my little friend, but from what I’m seeing, a warbler does seem likely. And yes, it was quite unusual as he seemed totally content to sit with me. I love it when our Father gives such gifts…it makes me long all the more for the renewal of creation when such things may indeed be commonplace. 🙂


      • Amen, my friend! I think you’re right. If the lion will lie with the lamb, then surely birds will alight in our hands all the time–with that air of contentment you experienced. Imagine interacting with all the animals in similar ways. Another glorious aspect of heaven to look forward to!!

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