To See, Or Not To See?


The woman who arrested my attention was ancient. Clutching a cigarette in one bird-like claw, she waited to cross the street. The black wig she wore reminded me of one my great-grandmother had worn. Its vibrant color and youthful volume made her head appear two sizes too small. However, it was not the wig or the smoke which had snapped me from my internal musings. What caught my eye was that this woman was a superhero.

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A God Moment in My Bathroom (re-post)

Today is the kickoff of a new link-up for Christian bloggers.  I hope you’ll come by and visit at Grace and Truth.  Meet some new friends.  Read some valuable insights.  Better yet, add your voice to the mix.  See you there!


This is one of the earliest posts on this blog, but it was one of my favorites to write.  So in honor of the first day of the Grace and Truth link-up, I am revisiting that terrifying day in my bathroom….


I made a horrifying discovery in my bathroom this morning.  It was even more frightening than the House Centipede I happened upon awhile back in this same locale. (Now there’s a critter straight out of a sci-fi nightmare, let me tell you!)

Indeed, I am sure that I shall never be the same after this morning’s revelations.

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Mirror Mirror: Going Outlaw, Pt. 2


I have issues. Judging by the vast number of articles and blog posts I read, you have issues too. I’ve watched those Dove commercials on self-perception, and I too have cried because I can relate. I’m talking to the ladies here, but you men would do well to keep reading too. If you can’t relate personally, there is definitely a female in your life with…well, issues.

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A Once Vibrant Life

I am fortunate to still have a living grandparent.  Well… sort of.  It is a strange season of life when you see a loved one decline in both body and mind.  It is incredibly hard.  Yet what a privilege I have to know this woman, and to have had her in my life for such a length of time.  The following is something I wrote about two years ago.

 The sound of my shoes seemed incredibly loud as I walked down the dingy hallway.  It had sprinkled this morning and my sandaled feet were making a squishy squeaking noise.  “I sound like Squidward on that Sponge Bob show,” I thought, and had to suppress a giggle.  Not that I found the thought that funny.  In fact, I thought that that particular piece of pop culture was highly overrated.  But the visuals that went with the sound of my wet Tevas were so out of place in this hallway that stank of desperation, I couldn’t help but giggle with the absurdity of it.

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