Do Your Kids Know?

“Can we hang out tomorrow, Mama?”  My 13 year old daughter asked.  I assured her that we would indeed make the time to do something together, glad she wanted to spend time with me.  We chattered a bit more when she said something that struck me like a hammer.

“You know, I love to go shopping or play cards or walk with you, but it means a lot more when you are the one who asks me.  It tells me that you actually like hanging out with me.”

Now, I pride myself on being the sort of mama who will set aside the to-do list whenever possible if the kids are needing some mommy time and that’s indeed a good thing.  However, I realized that I have fallen into the habit of allowing the kids to direct when those times happen.  I wait for them to tell me of their need for quality time rather than taking the reigns and suggesting it myself.  It honestly never occurred to me what message it would send if I were to occasionally ask them for some time.


So now I must ask myself, do I actually want to spend time hanging out and chatting with my kiddos, or are they just another duty to check off my list?  The answer is easy.  I really, really like my kids.  I love spending time with them, seeing what ideas they come up with and watching the wheels turning in their amazing brains.  There’s no one on the planet I’d rather spend my hours with than these four precious people and their daddy.

The real question then becomes, do they know that?  Do they know that this mama is absolutely over-the-moon crazy about her chicks?  That I think they’re fun and interesting and worth spending time with?

They sure will now, because I want my actions to say loud and very, very clear: Mom thinks you are super groovy!

Grace and peace,



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Help for the Valentine-Challenged

Instead of the usual Friday Q&A, I want to take the opportunity to share a few sites to help you plan the upcoming holiday, and since I’m actually on vacation at the moment, loving on my own peeps, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

For your overly active little people, here’s a great article with some games to keep ’em moving…and hopefully to run off some of the inevitable Valentine’s Day sugar high!

Active Valentine’s Day Party Games

Here’s some ideas based on love languages.   These ideas would be great any time of year!

25 Valentine’s Gift Ideas Based on the 5 Love Languages

And here’s some fantastic ideas for family activities that incorporate faith and serving others with your holiday fun!

10 Ideas: Valentine’s Ideas for Your Family

Being Valentine-challenged, I loved these articles!  I hope you enjoy them too and that they spark some fun and creative ideas for you to use with your family this Valentine’s Day!

Grace and peace,



Photo by Actina at Pixabay


Blessings and Duct Tape: How to Help Your Kids Get Along

If I hear you two argue one more time today I’m going to duct tape you together until you learn how to get along!”

The kids knew I was teasing…sort of. They also knew that when I uttered this lighthearted threat, I really was at the end of my emotional endurance with their bickering and arguing. Nothing frays my mama nerves quite like sibling conflict.

Last week’s Q&A was from a mama who is at her wit’s end with the kid battles, and while Cristina Grau and I answered from more of a heart training angle, I think it’s worth also looking at some positive ways to foster love between siblings.

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From Lord of the Flies to Supernova

The girl’s face was tomato red, round and glistening with sweat. Breath huffing like an enraged bull, she charged. Holding up our spears, carefully crafted fir branches sharpened to fine points, we held the line and drove her back into our makeshift prison. Righteous indignation welled up in our prisoner and burst forth in a scream of fury. Head thrown back, white fists clenched at her sides, she howled her impotent rage to the trees above. With widespread feet planted in the dirt, our spears gripped with firm determination, we looked on passively as our captive crumpled to the ground sobbing, her fighting spirit released to the sky, leaving her defeated.

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How To Raise Honest Kids

Oh, the temptation to fudge the truth was strong. No one would know. The admission price was eight dollars more for people over the age of 12. My daughter was 13, barely missing the cutoff. Being short in stature and still possessing the soft features of childhood, no one would question it if we said she was under age.

The soft, sibilant voice of temptation slithered through my mind. These prices are insane! It’s wise handling of my money… It’s not as though I do this all the time, right? No one will be hurt by thissss…

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Fostering Independence

Listening to our wise and illustrious leader at the homeschool co-op meeting, I felt nailed. Addressing the mamas of the group. she was discussing the craziness of co-op mornings, the rush to get everything ready for our weekly gathering, and how we could ease our burden on those days.

What had me squirming in my seat was her good-natured admonishment to stop doing everything for our kids. They are fully capable of making their own lunches by 1st or 2nd grade, she said, and I felt the spotlight of failure come to rest squarely on me. I was still scrambling on those mornings, preparing lunches for my kiddos who were ages 5, 6, 10, and 12.

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Master the Mayhem: 5 Tips for Managing Messes

I watched my husband fall with grace, artfully throwing our infant son to safety as he turfed it. Stepping over the baby gate, his foot had found the spiny back of a plastic stegosaurus. If you’ve ever stepped squarely on a stegosaurus, or a lego, or any other small, hard toy, you know that these tiny pieces of childhood joy have a dark side. They can take you down.

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