Finding My Lost Christmas

Christ's Birth In A Stable

It was not my intention to take a hiatus from writing this season. Rather, I had every intention of offering my usual weekly missives to hopefully encourage you during this hectic time of year. Somehow, life has gotten the better of me.

Keeping up with four busy children is tricky enough. Youth groups, piano lessons, dance classes, and school make for a full schedule. Add to that the demands of the Christmas season: shopping, wrapping, parties, etc. and the juggling act becomes impressive indeed. But that was not enough for us this year, no siree. We decided to be a part of a theatrical production.

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Essence of a Madman


Browsing the aisles for holiday inspiration, his voice pulled me from my mental list-making. Soft words flowed from his lips in an unintelligible stream. This babbling was strangely melodic with no discernible pauses for breath, and I couldn’t resist peeking around the corner to seek the source. The man stood in front of a display of newly released CD’s, body swaying slightly as he continued muttering to no one I could see.

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The Day I Learned That I am Not the Messiah


The day I learned that I am not the Messiah was clear and sunny, a rarity for our neck of the woods. I could feel the warmth of the grass as I settled into a spot close to the baptismal. A perfect spot for taking pictures. I was glad I’d remembered to wear my sunglasses as I looked up at the bright sky. My ‘babies’ were about to be baptized. And I had had nothing to do with their decision to do so.

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