Spiritual Cannibalism

Like many in the Christian community, I was devastated to hear of the passing of TobyMac’s eldest son, Truett, on October 23rd this past year.  I hesitate to use the word devastated, but that indeed is how I felt for his family that day.  He was 21 years old, same as my own boy, and I could empathize on that rare gut level, that place we connect as parents.

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She Wants To Eat My Brain


You ever feel like you’ve got this Christian walk thing down? You’re coasting along, feeling like you’re doing pretty good when suddenly the Lord throws a celestial banana peel into your path. Then there you are, flailing wildly, and you turf it. Hard. And suddenly you can see that your footing was not nearly as securely planted as you thought. Ouch.

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The Sound of Grace


Grace. Someone once described this to me as: unearned, unmerited favor and mercy.  It is an elegant little word that we Christians tend to throw around quite often.  We sing about how amazing it is.  We talk about how much it is needed, or maybe how much we’ve received.  In fact, we tend to use it like a sparkly accessory to spruce up our ‘good Christian’ persona.  As a word, grace is right there at the top of the list of proper Christian vernacular.  Sadly, like many good words in our vocabulary, its over-use has dulled its impact.


Unearned, unmerited favor and mercy.

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