The Worry Closet


I didn’t realize I was stressed until the text came in. Squinting at the words on the screen, ridiculously small for my middle-aged eyes, emotion poured forth as the tiny words coalesced and their meaning penetrated. An internal dam broke, relief flooding through me as my breath whooshed out, a soft emptying of my lungs. It was that released breath that illuminated my hidden stress, pent up worry freed to the air, a small, dark cloud, vanishing in an instant. Poof!

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The Perils of State Testing


My eldest daughter took her first state test at 7 years old. It was the end of 2nd grade and, though my state does not require testing until after the 3rd grade, I thought it wise to give her the testing experience early. That way, when it counted the following year, she would be a pro.

Her scores were magnificent. I knew they would be. After all, I had been an academic child who tested well, so I really expected nothing less.

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