Happy mothers

The parenting class that I began attending several weeks ago has been full of revelations. Truth be told, there is so much wisdom packed into this class, I am having a hard time assimilating it all. And writing about it has proven to be very difficult as each nugget of wisdom leads my mind down a dozen divergent thought-paths. However, I have discovered that this class is doing more than teaching good parenting tips.

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To a Dad at Walmart


The child’s screams were an ice pick in my brain.  Piercing and impossible to ignore.  I scanned the throngs of people, searching out the source.  There.  A young man emerged from the deli department with a squirming, screaming little boy.  The man wore a grim smile as he struggled to hold on to the bucking child.  Moving towards the exit, he expertly dodged the boy’s flailing fists, humiliation etched in his every movement.

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