What’s That Sound?



No shot was ever heard around

the world.

In fact, in all of human history

Only two sounds have been heard

around the entire world…

The first:

A newborn’s cry, saying, “It

is begun.”

The second:

A young man’s dying cry, saying,

“It is finished.”

—Calvin Miller


Wishing all of you, my friends, grace and peace this week as we celebrate the life of our Savior.  May we marvel anew at His plan for our redemption.  And may we rest in our true identity as sons and daughters of the Most High.   Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “What’s That Sound?

      • The pastor who led me to the Lord gave me HIS copy of The Singer, when I asked about good Christian books to read. The inscription in the front: “Because you know the Singer. Because you know the song.”
        One book I hope I never have to part with.


      • What a lovely gift! And I just realized that I misquoted. It was actually from The Divine Symphony (A Symphony in Sand), not The Singer. I love them both, but I guess I need to reread them. 🙂


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